Meet our founder

Kerry KingBrown

Kerry has over a decade of experience that has allowed him to perform at the industry’s highest level. He possesses a real passion and respect for Executive Protection, which makes him a great instructor and teacher. He has an animated spirit and personality that most consider complementary to the “energizer bunny” because of his relentless work habits and lifestyle… As they say, “he just keeps going and going and going.” This former athlete is the youngest of five siblings, which created a competitive drive to outperform his older siblings at all costs. Kerry was able to maximize that drive and his God-given abilities by reaching a professional level as an athlete, placing him in the top 1% of the population. Now surely this only indicates and displays the level of talent, discipline, and work ethic that he brings to the environment daily.

In the professional field, he’s worked with high-level White House, Government Officials, Royal Families, and many of your favorite celebrities and professional athletes.

Now, Kerry has created a ride-share app that prioritizes safety and protection at the highest level.