Executive Summary

BlackWolf is a ride-hailing platform that distinguishes itself from services like Uber and Lyft through its unique approach of only hiring drivers with a minimum of four years of extensive experience in law enforcement, the military, and the private security sector. Additionally, all drivers are CPR-certified, ensuring an added layer of safety for our passengers. BlackWolf is also notable for offering an armed service level, providing our clients with unparalleled peace of mind.

Founded by Kerry KingBrown after a personal encounter with a friend who had been sex trafficked, BlackWolf was created with a mission to protect women and ensure their safety. This mission has since expanded to offer the safest ride-hailing service for everyone.

The demand for BlackWolf underscores a growing concern for safety in traditional ride-hail services. Unlike major competitors who pretty much hire anybody who applies, BlackWolf prioritizes screening and quality, striving to ensure riders never have to worry about inappropriate driver behavior, inconsistent ride quality, or feeling unsafe.


Over the past year, BlackWolf has achieved remarkable milestones:

  • 250,000 app downloads
  • Over 100 million video views
  • 950,000 followers across all social platforms

*These achievements have been accomplished organically, without any paid advertising.


Currently, BlackWolf operates in the greater Atlanta, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale areas, with plans to expand to more cities like Phoenix, Chicago, Nashville, and others that show us demand on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do your drivers provide security?

A: Our drivers come from law enforcement, military, or security sectors, ensuring a high standard of safety and professionalism. While our ride-hail service does not include licensed security services, customers in need of personal bodyguard security can request a licensed security driver via email. We collaborate with security companies across the country for such rides, which can then be conveniently arranged within the app as a private contract.

Q: Are your armed drivers licensed to carry?

A: Yes, all of our armed drivers have undergone thorough screening and possess the necessary state credentials, and they also hold security licenses. While we do not offer licensed security services, our armed drivers are fully qualified to ensure your safety.

Q: Will you eventually offer on-demand bodyguard services through the app?

A: Yes, we are working on the ability for users to book licensed security company bodyguards through our platform. BlackWolf will become a marketplace for consumers and security companies worldwide.

Q: What makes BlackWolf different from other ride-hailing companies?

A: Unlike major ride-hail companies that hire anyone to drive, BlackWolf only hires drivers with backgrounds in law enforcement, military, or the security sector who are also CPR certified.

BlackWolf Premium Driver Requirements:

  • Must have a minimum of 4+ years in the military, law enforcement, or security sector.
  • Must be CPR certified

BlackWolf Armed Driver Requirements:

  • Must have a minimum of 4+ years in the military, law enforcement, or security sector.
  • Must be CPR certified
  • Must have security credentials 

Q: How much does a ride cost?

A: The price varies based on the service selected, your journey’s distance, and time.

  • BlackWolf Premium:
    • Base Fare: $20
    • Distance Rate: $2/mile
    • Duration Rate: $1/minute
    • Minimum Fare: $45
  • BlackWolf Armed:
    • Base Fare: $30
    • Distance Rate: $3/mile
    • Duration Rate: $1.25/minute
    • Minimum Fare: $65

Our pricing is very competitive with Uber Black, and it can sometimes be lower depending on the distance and time! We are for everyday Americans who want to feel safe without burning a hole in their pocketbook.

Q: Why is there a Fox 5 article claiming “BlackWolf owner loses security license, accused of endangering public with armed rideshare drivers”?

A: The Fox 5 investigation was initiated by members of a Facebook group called “Private Security of GA,” led by Steven Lyod. They falsely accused us of operating an illegal security company, which is untrue. BlackWolfExecs is a legal entity registered under the NAICS Code for “Any legal purpose” with the Secretary of State. We, Wolf Technologies Inc., operate under the Department of Transportation, which licenses all transportation and ride-sharing activities. The state never revoked Kerry KingBrown’s license; rather, he was removed from his PI firm. Wolf Technologies Inc. is a tech company providing ride-sharing services, not a security company. We have never endangered the public or received any complaints from our riders.

Contact Information:

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